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Pool in holiday home on Crete





Would you like to spend the winter in Crete and are you looking for a nice holiday house? Crete the most southern point of Europe offers ideal climate conditions during the winter months, much better than on the island of Mallorca. Often the temperatures in winter are higher than 20C and  it rains rarely. There are more than 330 days of sunshine in Crete. During the winter months, you can spend in Crete active holidays on the island, ideal for beautiful walks, excursions and visits of the unique cultural sites on the island.  Weather is also ideal for sport activities on  the island,  such as cycling and not a few enjoy  swimming in the winter months.  Our holiday homes are all equipped with heating and fireplaces. If you want to enjoy the island in the winter time, please do not hesitate ta ask us for special  and unique long-term discounts, starting at € 1,500 / monthly. Contact us and we will send you an offer!

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